ABLE 24/7 Blended Learning. Learn the course and take quizzes online anytime and anywhere.

Learn from the experts (Online Faculty) with their live lesson delivery via Satellite and two-way audio/video conferencing. Take quizzes with unlimited attempts until you fully understand the concepts and retain the knowledge.
To do this, you need to have a Universal Student Number or USN and the learning site is located at If you are having difficulty with the access, contact your local IT or e-learning facilitator.

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My personalized email + apps powered by Google Apps

As an AMAES student and in order to collaborate with your classmates, teachers and AMAES Community, you need to have your cloud based email address. This email under the AMAES domains comes with the powerful google apps like hang outs, google drive. This email can also be configured on your android phones and / or tablets allowing you 24/7 access to all information.
You may coordinate with your local IT for access to this feature. Login at

Workplace Productivity Software : Microsoft Office365

As students, your School is your Workplace. Hence, AMAES provides you with your own Microsoft Office 365 - the cloud version of Microsoft Office Suite which includes the whole MS Productivity Suite like Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Publisher and many more. It will allow you, not only to make documents and other school and personal related items, but will let you collaborate with other students PLUS take your work virtually anywhere where you have connectivity. It is also device agnostic - use whatever device is available to you.
Be proficient now. This service is available 24/7 at this URL: MS Office365
You may coordinate with your local IT for access to this feature.

Bring your own device (BYOD).AMAES is a Wifi enabled campus system.

At AMAES, Students are encouraged to bring their own devices in order to integrate their daily lives with school life. Enroll your device now with the local IT and be able to access the web while inside any AMAES campus - WORLDWIDE!

MOODLE LMS online learning materials.

Aside from lessons that you get inside the classrooms and the materials in the library, you can have access to additional resources in our Moodle LMS. Get extra learnings. Research on additional information. The Moodle LMS is open 24/7 at this URL: ABLE LMS | AMAU LMS